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• Real pain doctors are boarded in pain, physiatry or anesthesia.

• Real pain doctors are fellowship trained.

• Real pain doctors publish.

• Real pain doctors do research.

• Real pain doctors love seeing patients.

• Real pain doctors take on their patient’s situations as their own vocations.

• Real pain doctors are elated when you don’t have to see them anymore.

• Real pain doctors don’t over-prescribe opioids.

• Real pain doctors focus on function.

• Real pain doctors care.


I approach the patient with the paramount question: Why is this person hurting?
What is getting between this patient and LIFE?!

Pain is a function of many factors. No brain=no pain. But it’s never just “in your head.” Although the pain arrives at the brain and although changing the brain can change the experience of the pain, pain is a message making a long journey to your brain. The mind then decodes pain into the experience of hurt and suffering.
WHY? and HOW?
These are the greatest questions.
My aim is to get between you, the owner who shows up with the painful body, and your pain.
Research is the cornerstone of my practice. Without being involved in it, I wouldn’t know the newest, the latest, the greatest. Through constant research, I am leading the way with many new and effective procedures.
You might be a candidate for a trial.

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