My Philosophy:

My Philosophy: To Make Man (and WOMAN!) Whole

“To Make Man Whole” is the motto of Loma Linda University and the Adventist health message.  In a seismically active place (the San Gabriel Valley, but more importantly healthcare in America) it is in-scripted into the very foundation of the University building but also their philosophy of healthcare and life.  It is also in-scripted in my foundation.

You’re likely searching the web because you are hurting and you’re looking for a place or a person to help you through this painful period of your life.

I am creating (and constantly updating)  this website to explain my vocation, research and deep interest in helping people with their pain.

The term “pain management” is such an exclusionary term–what we hope to do is not only give you the tools to control and come to terms with your pain, but also come to terms with your life.

Everybody has had pain.  Sometimes it’s overwhelming and you need someone to help you.   That’s where I come in.  I’ve done an inordinate amount of graduate and post graduate training at arguably the best residency and fellowship in the nation in my field.  The best explanation of Interventional Physiatry is as follows.  There are about 800 of us in the world.  Mine is a very rare subspecialty.

Physiatry is concerned with the rehabilitation of the injuryed and physically infirm.  We understand orthopedics, neurology, physical therapy, then on top of that is an understanding of anesthesia.  We’re sports medicine docs for older and injured folks.  What most doctors spend a year of fellowship doing, we concentrate on for 5 years.

To make man (and woman) whole.  That’s the key to success– to have that aim.  We don’t focus on a part or an organ, but the integration of the person, the human-being. When success arrives it does so in such a complete way that I can’t help but be overwhelmed and humbled by the process of healing.  Its the most rewarding feeling to see patients come through adversary and feel the light on the other side.  That’s what I’m striving for.  That’s what keeps me coming back every day, and that’s why I look forward to meeting every patient.

There is no greater reward for us than to see a patient relieved from pain.

Excellence in Pain Care

Why research?

Research is the whetstone for the medical mind. Do you want a sharp doctor? Get one who does research.

Why a “medical consultant?”

It’s not conflict of interest, itsconfluence of interest. I work with companies whose CHIEF interest is caring for patients.  We share that together and then we try and figure out how to do it better.  If it becomes even remotely apparent that the concern of our collaborative medical industry is other than the patient, we are finished.  They won’t survive as a company either.

I additionally want to know what’s coming, because I am not satisfied with what we have.

You will want to know too.

America is rapidly becoming a place where clinical research has no role.

The government is putative towards research and colaboration, and further the regulatory burden placed on the practice of medicine in America is overwhelming.

Innovation has to be sent to Europe, Australia or the Orient.

Very few American companies will do clinical trials in the US as it simply is too costly and  frustrating.

Your government is agressively trying to squash research and innovation: your healthcare is too expensive already!!!

Remember without the drug companies, the medical device manufacturers, the supplies and innovators,  doctors nurses and patients whould just stay home.

Innovation ONLY occurs through colaboration.