Great Doctors

This is a list of great doctors.

These are doctors i respect and admire who have shaped me as a physician.

If you find yourself in their part of the world, go to them.  They will take excellent care of you.

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Kevin Cairns MD Fort Lauderdale. Brilliant researcher, excellent physician and diagnostician. We trained together at Emory.
Joseph Ibrahim MD,


19 E 27th St, Bayonne, NJ 07002, (201) 436-0033. Another Emory product.Unparalleled physician and human being.
Erik Hiester DO, 65 Pennsylvania Ave, Binghamton, NY 13903, (607) 723-5393  Emory keeps turning out phenomenal physicians.  No one cares about patients more than Erik.
Sharif Roushdy MD,  Minneapolis MN.  Superb physician, Emory product.
Steve Lobel MD,


 Georgia.  Razor sharp analytical mind.  Emory Trained.
Paul Wu MD, 



my esteemed colleague and partner at Holy Cross.  Phenomenal.
 J William McRoberts MD, Urologist.  Scientist, Humanitarian. My father and sage.
 Robert Windsor MD,  Atlanta and Kentucky.  The Godfather of Physiatric Pain Medicine.
 Murray Brandstater MBBS,  Loma Linda University, Loma Linda California.  Brightest physiatrist I have ever met.  Department chair.
 Divakara Kedlaya MD,  1925 East Orman Avenue Suite A235, Pueblo, CO 81004.    Exceedingly bright, caring and exacting physician.  I learned an immense amount from Dr. Kedlaya.
 Daniel Kwon MD,  1470 N 16th Avenue, Yakima, WA 98902-1381.  Co-chief resident and good friend from Loma Linda.  Great doctor, also did an interventional pain fellowship.
 Vance Johnson MD.  Southern California,  Superb Loma Linda Product.
 Giancarlo Barolat MD,  1721 East 19th Ave., Professional Plaza E. Suite 434, Denver CO,80218.  303-865-7800    (The father of peripheral nerve field stimulation)
 William R. Markesbery MD, PhD., (1933-2010)  Neurologist, Neuropathologist.  Uncompromising clinician and researcher.
 Tim Davis MD,  Interventional Physiatrist,  Los Angeles CA.
 Richard M. Wolkowitz, M.D.,  305 N. Keene Street, Suite 105, Columbia, MO 65201
 D. Joseph Meyer, MD,  305 N. Keene Street, Suite 105, Columbia, MO 65201
 Eugene G. Lipov, M.D.,  2260 West Higgins Rd, Ste 101, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
 Jay Joshi, M.D.,  2260 West Higgins Rd, Ste 101, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
 Bennet Davis, M.D.,  3945 E. Paradise Falls Drive, Suite 105,  Tucson, AZ 85712
 Richard L Weiner MD,  Dallas Texas.
 Eric Grigsby MD,  Napa Valley CA
 Robert Levy MD,  PhD, Boca Raton, Florida
 Wade Wong MD  San Diego, CA  Excellent interventional radiologist.
 Joshua Prager MD,  Los Angeles, CA
 Scott Strum MD,  Loma Linda CA
 Tim Deer MD,  Charleston West Virginia.  Perhaps the most literate and published doc in pain medicine.  An enormous advocate for patient access. Started center for pain relief.
 Chris Kim MD,  Charleston WV,  fantastic pain doc.
 Richard Bowman MD,  Charleston WV.  an Icon in the field of pain and physiatry.
 William Witt MD,  Lexington Kentucky.  Dr Witt pulled back the drape to show me how personally rewarding it was to treat pain.  I went into Pain because of Dr. Witt.
 Lora Brown MD,  Bradenton FL
 Marc Huntoon, MD, PhD,  Phoenix AZ
 Claudio Feler, MD,  Colorado
 Ken Alo, MD,  Dallas TX
 Edward Frankowski, DO,  Margate, FL
 Paul Lynch, MD,  Phoenix AZ
 Stan Golovac, MD  Melbourne, FL
 David Caraway MD,  Huntington WV, Charlottesville, VA.  Awesome guy, another advocate for patient access.  Without him many many patients would not have access to therapies threatened by “Access Deniers”
 Richard North MD
 Kris Kumar MD  the extraordinary Canadian
 Salim Hayek, MD, PhD
 Leo Kapural, MD, PhD
 Nagy Mekhail, MD, PhD
 Lou Raso, MD
 Allen Burton, MD
 Simon Thomson, MD
 Mark Wallace, MD
 Tory McJunkin, MD
 Jonathan Carlson, MD
 Joshua Wellington, MD
 David Abejon, MD  Spain
 Teo Goroszeniuk MD,  London.  Father of peripheral nerve field stimulation.
 Rajesh Munglani MD,  London.  Exceptional thinker and Pain sage
  My Orthopedic Partners:
 Martin Roche MD
 Rick Cope MD
 William Leone MD
 Brian Fingado MD
 Jose Jackson MD
 Verano Hermida MD
 Domingo Delgado-Garcia MD
 Gordon Hill MD,  one of the fathers of cemented hip arthroplasty.  Equally a doctor’s doctor and a patient’s advocate.  Still married to the same woman, the mother of seven children.
 Jonathan Levy MD
Robert Mills MD
Edward Williams MD
Jennifer Boeri DPM
Ricardo Matos MD
Christopher Pappas DPM
  Excellent Broward County Physicians:
Eduardo Locatelli MD
Kalman Blumberg MD
Harold Dalton MD
Thomas Goberville MD

Jeffrey Cantor MD